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We help young startups, small and medium businesses, public companies and government agencies to handle investor relationship management in a professional manner that company management can focus on their core operations. 

Our three offering plans may be customized in special query.  



Every year


  • Your pitch-deck for the investors (can be updated monthly)

  • Review & update of your online investor relations content

  • Provision of responsive investor communication channel

  • Content development for specific events (Investor Days)

  • Online webinars and presentations for investor meetings

  • Development of business report templates for (5 slides)

  • Full access to the Insights Blog



Every year


  • All the services in Startup Package

  • Defining likely investor groups for your company

  • Quarter result presentations/Earnings call materials

  • Short-listed names of your potential investors

  • Support in organizing Investor Roadshows globally

  • Organizational support for Annual Shareholder Meetings

  • Invitation to specific events organized by Private. Group



Every year


  • All the services in Standard package

  • Organization of Annual Shareholder Meetings

  • Investor Relations page design, build and webhosting

  • PWI Global Annual Summit Invitation (only shareholders)

  • Access to the Private. App

  • Invitation to Private. Fashion and Private. Sports events

  • Founders/Family Business Bootcamp in Caribbean Islands

  • Access to the FUTURE. Summit

  • Personal Relationship Manager 

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