Julio González Ronco

General Manager of Real Madrid Foundation, Spain

Doctor in Law from the University Complutense in Madrid, Spain, Mr. González Ronco began his professional career as Technical Consultant of the Superior Council of Sports in 1995 and was one of the technical authors of the Royal Decree of Sports Qualifications. The next year, he became Technical Consultant for the Sports Division of the Board of Autonomous Communities of Castille and La Mancha, and was one of the authors of the Decree on Sports Discipline of said Community. In 1997, Mr. González Ronco began his practice as a Lawyer for the Youth and Sports Foundation, for the Foundation to Support People with Auditory Deficiencies (PROADA), and for the Automobile Federation of Castille and La Mancha (until 1999). Mr. González Ronco has been and is still closely tied to the Spanish Olympic Committee, as Legal Consultant for the Committee and its Foundation, Secretary of its Legal Commission (from 1997 to this date), Secretary General of the Spanish National Court of Sports Arbitrage (1997-1999) and Secretary of the Ethical Commission (from 2006 to date) of the Spanish Olympic Committee. Moreover, Mr. Ronco acted as legal Consultant for the Royal Spanish Federation of Olympic Shooting. Mr. González Ronco has been involved with the Real Madrid Foundation since its beginnings, as its General Manager from 1999 to 2006 and from 2009 to present date. In addition, he has assessed the Spanish State’s Lottery System in Corporate Social Responsibility, and provided technical and legal guidance to the private company Augeo Sport, S.L. and to the Peace Dream Foundation, both from 2008 to 2009