Inese Ozola

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Amoralle, Latvia

In 2008 Inese Ozola launched a fashion house named Amoralle. The brand has become the most iconic and successful loungewear brand in Northern Europe. Femininity has been a life-long passion for Inese and her mission for Amoralle is to empower women all around the world. She is a passionate advocate for women and girls organizing educational public events for the local community. The brand is now a synonym with quality, sustainability and hand-made details. Inese stands for transparency, fair working conditions, respect and dignity in all supply chains of her company. She believes luxurious products should be made in a way that fits the world we live in today: beautiful and sustainable. All Amoralle products are produced in-house in Latvia. Inese’s brand Amoralle exports to more than 20 countries all around the world. Amoralle has designed costumes for the Latvian National Opera and various celebrities including the former President of Latvia Vaira Vike-Freiberga. Inese has received various awards for being one of the most influential leaders in Latvia. Including the prestigious JCI "TOYP” award for her brand success in 2016, "Treasures of Latvia" award in 2016, "Export and Innovation Award" in 2015, "Designer of the Year 2013" etc.