Binoy Meghraj

Executive Vice Chairman, Meghraj Group, UAE

Binoy R. V. Meghraj is the Executive Vice Chairman of Meghraj Group, an international investment banking advisory, fiduciary services and infrastructure consulting business founded in Kenya in 1922. The Group is now headquartered in the British Isles, and operates from 12 offices in Asia, Africa and Europe. Binoy is responsible for Meghraj Group’s strategy, international expansion and new business initiatives. He is the Chairman and founder of Meghraj Capital, the Group’s investment banking advisory business, which has offices in Kenya, Japan, India, UK and Dubai. Binoy is based in Dubai, and spends his time between Dubai, Japan, Kenya, UK and India. He earlier lived in Tokyo for 9 years, and whilst there advised a number of large Japanese companies on acquiring or partnering with companies overseas. Binoy is a Trustee of 2 family charitable foundations which are focused on education, health and welfare. He is on the Board of Directors of the Family Office Council, a membership group for single family offices. He has an MBA with distinction from London Business School, and an Honours Degree in Commerce & Accounting from the University of Birmingham.